Creating opportunities along the cocoa value chain

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Where is our journey taking us?

Since 2009 CABOZ has been working along the cocoa supply chain to create perspectives for farmers and chocolatiers. With teams both in the country of origin and in the consuming markets we seek solutions close to the needs of our partners.

Today many people question the sustainability of the cocoa supply chain. In this challenging environment we believe creating added values for both cocoa farmers and chocolatiers, helps to break out of the current impasse and make cocoa worthwhile for all, with an exciting new focus for chocolate brands.

Value for farmers and communities

By improving farmers’ livelihoods, their products, and the natural environment they live in, we make a valuable contribution to supporting and strengthening the cocoa communities we work with.


Opportunities and perspectives

We not only offer services to experienced farmers, but also have a strong focus on making rural life and cocoa farming more attractive for the next generation. Young women and men benefit from vocational training which provides them with new skills and perspectives in agriculture.

As conflict between generations can be an issue, we involve communities as a whole and, where necessary, set up village committees with representatives of the different interest groups.


The quality chocolate deserves

We have gone a step further than merely supporting farmers and their organisations in improving cocoa quality. In the village-based service centres we have set up we ferment and dry the cocoa beans in controlled processes that promote quality.

This not only saves farmers time, but also creates jobs in the villages and gives chocolate manufacturers access to the best possible quality cocoa.


Creating healthy environments

Climate change is affecting cocoa production more and more. The trees in many cocoa plantations are overaged and the soil depleted.

We have created tailormade services and training schemes to boost biodiversity on cocoa farms and renew old plantations.

Value for chocolate brands

We engage chocolate brands in the origins of cocoa and tackle issues consumers and stakeholders care about.

Creating stories

Getting brands involved

Consumers and other stakeholders have become much more interested in the origin of their products. Are the raw materials used produced fairly and safely? Is the production ecological?

When brands and companies become involved in improving conditions at the origin, they have credible stories to share with their consumers.


Knowing where your cocoa comes from

Making the value chain transparently traceable back to each individual plantation is the basis for ensuring a credible procurement policy. Chocolate manufacturers can then trust their suppliers and reassure stakeholders.

We are developing a Track & Trace system with information on our suppliers, farmers and every plantation. This will allow customers or even consumers to identify whenever they want the farms where the cocoa we supply has been produced. The system will provide key information about the farmers, communities and local projects.

Direct cocoa sourcing

We analyze, set up, accompany and manage individual cocoa sourcing.

Obtaining direct access to cocoa producers can be challenging. We have the experience and the network to establish and manage direct sourcing partnerships to ensure quality parameters and delivery schedules as required in close collaboration with customers and suppliers.

We develop and manage specific programs adapted to local needs to strengthen our partners. The outcomes of these programs may be standard certification schemes or more individualized added value programs based on customer requirements.


We have strong dedicated teams in both the source and consumer countries

With our presence at both ends of the supply chain, we are familiar with the requirements and challenges in both worlds.

We have had over ten years of experience in both cocoa procurement and managing projects and certification schemes. This enables us to respond flexibly to the requirements in the country of origin and of customers.

What we care for

Value creation

We create added values for our suppliers, customers, employees and other stakeholders.


We involve the farming communities and our customers in our decision-making and in taking appropriate action.


We act transparently and create transparency along the whole supply chain.


We are accountable towards our partners, the society and the natural environment.


Having reliable and experienced partners ensures our joint impact is positive

Since 2012 we are closely collaborationg with the affiliated but independent NGO CABOZ Action based in Switzerland and Ivory Coast. CABOZ Action has been realising different social projects in the regions where CABOZ is active.

The Swiss Government supports via the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs SECO our Village Cocoa Competence Centres where we offer services and trainings to cocoa farmers such as centralized fermentation.

CABOZ is an active member of the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa. Our project proposal has been approved among others by an expert panel in 2019 in call for innovative projects in the cocoa sector.

With the Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung based in Hamburg we collaborated in setting up the youth project "Youth Farmer Field School" in the Soubré region of Ivory Coast.

The Abidjan based Embden Drishaus & Epping Consulting West Africa is a experienced implementing partner for various projects we realize in Ivory Coast.


Let's find solutions together


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