Small but efficient

Our local social worker involves the villagers in identifying needs and actively implementing projects.

Strengthening local organisations

Few of the villages have been around for longer than forty years and few local organisational structures have yet become established. In 2013 our project manager therefore encouraged each of the five villages to set up a village committee and women's group to keep the villages clean and safe. She visits them regularly and offers support where necessary. In one village the women requested more information on nutrition, so she arranged an informative workshop with a visiting agriculture researcher from Switzerland. These new committees maintain the wells and latrines, and will help us set priorities for future projects.

Clean drinking water

Our competent local project manager, Hortense N’Goran Koffi, coordinated the building of four new wells and the renovation of 11 others in five villages near Soubré, south-western Côte d'Ivoire, in 2013. The villagers took active part in the building, making bricks and providing food for the builders. They now have access to better drinking water nearby even during the dry season, and no longer have to fetch it from ponds, which are often sources of disease. Our energetic manager also coordinated the construction of a public toilet with two latrines. More wells and latrines are planned. We are very grateful to the Swiss municipality of Obersiggenthal for sponsoring this project.

New school desks

CABOZ Action's first project was in 2012, when we provided two local schools with new, locally made desks and donated school books and crayons. CABOZ Action's president, Silvia Dingwall, and CABOZ's CEO, Daniel Stäheli, attended the hand-over ceremony and awarded crayons donated by Caran d’Ache and children’s books as prizes for a drawing competition. A highpoint was a girls' and boys' football match between the two schools.


CABOZ Action supplied two high schools (in Korhogo and Soubré) with reference books, teaching material and literature for young people, kindly donated by private and institutional sponsors in Switzerland in 2012.